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Join thousands of sites sharing each other's content

Find the best place

Our system is unique by finding the best place on your site to display ads. It optimized for all popular CMS.

Serving content in various ways

More traffic and click your site provide to the others, your ads become larger and more frequent

Easiest system around

Register your site and put one line javascript on your site, sit back and relax

Huge system

More than 2000 sites in total backed up with more than 300 our domains serving your content. Our partner sites in the system gives us ability to generate traffic even if Your site have none at all.

Automated, with passion

Our system does not disabled and as long as you keep our script on Your site, no matter traffic or not. Traffic and clicks from Your site will improve look and size of your ad and increase frequency.


AI algorithm determines best place to serve ads, appending data to your site content, without changing it.

Serving content

Using generic javascript we ensure our ads system will work with any kind of CMS platforms but also with custom made sites.

Optimized for desktop, tablet, mobile, retina screens. Measuring device capability and resolution will provide best possible way of serving ads without disturbing a visitor.

Unlike other system serving your ads in ratio's, we are considering keywords and popularity: Even is your ratio is much larger or smaller than the others, if we match keywords on site we will serve the ad anyway...

Your site commercial can be a link, a banner or descriptive ad with provided text. It also relates to keywords found on page, so it can auto-link words on our partner sites.


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